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Контроллер моторов двухканальный Pololu TReX Jr DMC01 6-16В 13А

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Pololu TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01 /777/

  • Напряжение логики (VCC): 2,7 - 5,5 В
  • Напряжение моторов (VMOT): 6 - 16 В
  • Выходной ток: 2 канала по 13 А (30 А кратковременно) или 1 канал на 25 А (50 А кратковременно)

  • Документация и другая информация:

    Pololu TReX User’s Guide (Печатаемый PDF)
    User’s guide for the Pololu TReX motor controller.

    Sample C# Program for Communicating with the TReX and TReX Jr (Печатаемый PDF)
    This sample C# program (written for Microsoft Visual C# 2008) shows how you can use your computer to send and receive data from the TReX and TReX Jr motor controllers.

    Файлы для скачивания:

    TReX Configurator utility for Windows version 100608 (295k zip)
    If you have the ability to connect your TReX to a computer (via serial port or USB-to-serial adapter), you can use this program to monitor the channel inputs, control the motor drivers, and configure its various settings. This version supports TReX and TReX Jr firmware versions 1.3 and below. Please manually uninstall older versions of the TReX Configurator before installing this version.

    TReX command documentation (100k pdf)

    TReX configuration parameter documentation (125k pdf)

    TReX (DMC01) Firmware version 1.2 (160k trx)
    This firmware fixes a bug that affected the 38,400 and 28,800 bps baud rates, and it adds a configuration parameter that lets you optionally insert a 1 ms delay between the last byte of a received command packet and the first byte of the TReX’s transmitted response. Without this delay, slower controllers, such as the Basic Stamp, can miss the first byte of the TReX’s response.

    VNH2SP30 motor driver data sheet (283k pdf)


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