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66-канальный GPS приемник Locosys LS20031

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66-Channel LS20031 GPS Receiver Module (MT3339 Chipset) /2138/
Файлы для скачивания:

LS2003X GPS Receiver Module Family Datasheet v1.3 (356k pdf)
Datasheet for the LS2003X family of GPS receiver modules with MT3339 chipset.

MTK packet user’s manual (79k pdf)
A description of the ASCII packets that can be sent to the LS20031 GPS receiver module to configure it.

MiniGPS application (version 1.4) (1MB zip)
A windows application for configuring the LS20031 GPS receiver module. This utility lets you change the update rate and control which NMEA formats are output. Archive includes the MiniGPS User Manual PDF.

GPSFox application by Locosys (1MB zip)
A windows application that interprets NMEA data and displays it nicely. This application looks fancy, but doesn’t let you configure the receiver chip the way the MiniGPS application does.

Рекомендуемые ссылки:

LS20031 GPS configuration tutorial
DIY Drones explains how to configure the LS20031 by sending MTK ASCII packets with a terminal program.

A Cheap GPS Enclosure
Tutorial on how to make a cheap enclosure for the Locosys LS20031 using a dental floss container.

GPS – NMEA Sentence Information
Description of various NMEA sentences by Glenn Baddeley.


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